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Masters Thesis Assignment | Online Assignment

Topic proposal

– A problem bacground (why) and the purpose of the study (what)

– A description of the theoretical framework

Please email me your topic proposal so I can check with my supervisor if the topic is suitable. After verification from my supervisor, you can proceed with writing the paper on the topic you suggested.

I will write the methodology section by myself and do the quantitative research myself on the topic youve chosen to write about.

Quality over quantity, use as many sources you feel necessary.

if you need more time for the assignment, please inform me, theres no rush.

Please write in relatively simple English since I will translate the document to Swedish myself.

In the document attached youll find help for finding a good topic. According to the document you will be doing the Semi 1 without the methodology section. i will do the Semi 2 + methodology.Thesis info for Spring 2020 (1)


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