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Mexico- Information Technology Development Project Assignment | Online Assignment


Paper details: Teacher’s instructions Project I is meant to introduce you to one of the key categories of Project Management such as IT implementation, software development in a gloCal (global and local) setting.  In each case, you are to identify and evaluate the role and implications of IT in shaping the project’s design and implementation Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as the short, medium and long-term results (outputs, outcomes and impacts).  It is an individual project and should be 5 double-spaced pages and should focus on a particular project and providing a descriptive review and analysis of the project and its key components.  The key questions to deal with are: – What are the key inputs to, components of and deliverables of the project in question? – What are the key project management challenges of the project in question? – What is your opinion of the quality of project management and why? – What would you recommend that should be done differently, how and why? Please note: I have already selected the project for you: THE LINK BELOW WILL TAKE YOU TO THE PROJECT WEBPAGE WHERE YOU CAN FIND ALL THE DETAILS THAT YOU WILL NEED TO WRITE THE PAPER, AND THERE YOU WILL SEE THE DOCUMENTS TAP WHERE YOU WILL SEE ALL THE PROJECT DOCUMENTS THAT CAN USE TO GET YOUR SOURCES AND FOR YOUR WRITING MATERIAL. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FIND OUTSIDE SOURCES FROM OTHER WEBSITES. THE LINK IS: https://projects.worldbank.org/en/projects-operations/project-detail/P106589 NOTE: I am interested in the process and content of your work, namely your research methodology, how you make your case, and the clarity of your conclusions in dealing with ill-defined, dynamic, and complex situations where the life and future of many people are at stake.  Organize your work in a professional manner in terms of writing, structure, and clarity. Use headings and sections to provide a framework or roadmap. Provide an introduction, address the issues given, include a summary and conclusion section, and provide an annotated bibliography. ALSO, I AM ALSO ATTACHING A SAMPLE PROJECT PAPER SO YOU CAN HAVE AN IDEA about what the final paper looks like and so you can adapt to the style AS YOU WRITE THE PAPER BUT PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS SAMPLE PROJECT DOC IS GENERIC AND FOR REFERENCE ONLY. LET ME KNOW ONCE YOU FOUND THE DOCUMENTS IN THE PROVIDED LINK SO I KNOW YOU ARE GOOD TO GO, AND ALSO LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANYGuide_to_Identifying_Methods(3)


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