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Defining Your Career Identity Assignment | Online Homework Help


Part 1: Create your own personal job description of at least four sentences. Incorporate your personality, interests, skills, and values. To help you use the attached Defining Your Internal Career Identity Worksheet/Article Think about your personality and what type of work environment that lends itself to. Would you like working in a call center, on teams, from home/individually, etc. What are you interested in, like to do, or what motivates you to keep going with a project? What are you good at/what skills to do you bring to the table? What’s important to you or in other words what do you value? For example, work life balance or financial security, etc. Only include words that describe you and that you can tell a story about if asked. BE CREATIVE! Part 2: Complete your own “Golden Circle.” What’s your why, your purpose, what drives you? How do you do what you do? Lastly, what do you do? Here is the link to see the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqZyg2XAmDk 3. Watch the TED video posted below labeled Start With Why by Simon Sinek and start to reflect on your own “Golden Circle”. (You only need to watch until 11:05).Defining Your Career Identity First and second classmates discussion


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