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Information security Consciousness among Students at Hail University Assignment | Essay Help Services


1- i need it form the writer to work with me every part. 2- when he finish form every part i need to see it and discus it 3- i need to used survey to collect data form the university. 4- i upload file have the proposal i want to write about it the structure of the thesis will be 1- Introduction 1.1 The problem of the study. 1.2 The importance of the study 1.3 Objectives of the study 1.4 The limitations of the study, which are the difficulties faced by the researcher when writing scientific research 2- Literature review 2.1 Previous studies that the researcher relies on in his thesis. 2.2 A summary of previous studies, what they reached, and their relationship to the message 3- Methodology, and tools used in the resea 3.1 The community from which the study sample was taken 3.2 Tools used in the message, such as questionnaires, interviews, and other 3.3 The results of the researcher through this study 4- References and appendicesInformation security consciousness among students at Hail University(1) Information Security Policy for hail university(1)


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