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Write an abstract in your own words, for the study attached in documents. Abstracts should include the following 1. The objective of the study. 2. The method(s) of the study. 3. The result (s) of the study. 4. The conclusion (s) of the study. Abstracts should be 1. Accurate 2. Non-evaluative (report the facts, do not comment on them) 3. Coherent and readable 4. Concise (no more than 250 words). Requirements 1. The paper you write an abstract for must be the one provided 2. Do not use any quotes from the paper. Quoting will result in a lower grade. 3. Do not paraphrase – use your own writing. Any plagiarism will result in a project not being read or graded. 4. Current tools such as Turnitin will be used to detect both direct plagiarism and paraphrasing. 5. The abstract must be between 150 and 250 words. Abstracts longer will not be read or graded at all. Abstracts shorter run a serious risk of not doing the job.paperB


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