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Interpersonal Paper Assignment | Online Assignment


Interpersonal Paper Guidelines: The purpose of this paper is to analyze an interpersonal argument you have had in the past and to apply theconcepts we have discussed in this class, of course applying chapter 16 to this. These are the questions that you are meant to answer in your paper after you pick an interpersonal relationship inyour life: ★What was the argument about?○Chapter 16 describes different reasons why arguments begin, which was the reason why theargument began. (look at adjacency pairs) ★Explain how the argument ended○Did you solve it? Did it go unsolved? ★Knowing what you know now how would you change the outcome?○Would you keep it the same? Would you change it? How? Guidelines ★Use your textbook to support your arguments. You do not need any outside sources. ★Format: times new roman, 12 point font, double-spaced.!!!! ★Complete three pages or more ***personal notes about chapter 16(If u need You can refer to): *People argue for many reasons. These are the main three: People argue to make decisions. Helps manage interpersonal conflict. Arguments are about power. Remember no relationship is perfect, if someone says they don’t argue with their close friends or partners. Run!!! *Adjacency Pairs In an argument when the first statement calls for an action. Request Grant/refusal Question answer/ no answer Boast Appreciation/derision Arguments begin when people are not met with their expected outcome. *Tips to Improve Interpersonal Arguments Here are some things to consider before you enter your next interpersonal argument: Approach the conversation strategically. Try to reach compromise/accommodation. Consider the source of the argument Control your temper


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