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Supervising and Coaching Special Education Teachers Assignment | Online Assignment


In this topic’s field experience, you will be conducting a pre-conference with a special education teacher. Before the pre-conference, write a 700-850 word summary developing the following questions. For each question, describe the responses you would expect to receive from a special education teacher, and how you might coach that teacher during the pre- or post-conference. What questions might you ask about their lessons (i.e., objectives, state standards being addressed, activities, assessments, and materials)? What questions might you ask that would provide you with information about the students’ IEPs, accommodations, specific disabilities, etc. What questions might you ask to identify the teacher’s plan to differentiate instruction? What questions might you ask to identify areas where the teacher believes students struggle, and how the teacher will address these areas? What questions might you ask to determine the teacher’s understanding of students’ prior knowledge and how, if at all, it has guided the instructional planning for this lesson? What questions might you ask to determine the teacher’s classroom management plan and any behavior intervention plans for individual students? Provide a minimum of three scholarly resources to support your response.


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