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Create a New Learning Space Assignment | Custom Assignment Help


I have attached lesson content information for this weeks assignment. This week’s reading highlighted how to create and structure interest areas to support learning through play. Your readings suggested the arrangement of areas such as block center, dramatic play, literacy, art, and sensory experiences. However, this is just a small sampling of the available interest areas. The possibilities for creating learning spaces are endless–just as children’s interests are endless! Your assignment is to propose a new interest area or learning space for a program. While you may use elements from a suggested play space, the overall area must be your own unique idea. In a minimum of a 5-slide PowerPoint presentation or a 4-page written paper, address the following: I would prefer a 5-slide Power Point Presentation The age group is 2 & 3 year old for the interest area is designed The program structure for which the interest area is designed (for example toddler classroom) How the space will be arranged What material will be needed How you will acquire the material How this space will benefit the children’s learning and development in at least 3 different domains Remember, for learning to take place, the experience must be engaging and authentic! Now is the time to get creative; feel free to include pictures or a floor plan of the spacemodule3 lesson content information makingplayworkforeducation


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