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Hello, I have a case study that needs to be done in one hour. Forget about the deadline I put in the details, the minimum I can put is 3 hours. This case study has only 3 questions.

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The closing case explains the activities of the Mumbai based Tata group. It is a diversified conglomerate that is committed to improving the quality of life of the communities they serve, which is accomplished by striving for leadership and global competition in the business sectors in which they operate. Key Points: · The Tata Group was founded in 1868, and currently the companies focuses on seven different business segments. · It is a family owned conglomerate, however, it differs from other organizations because of their strong social commitment to the communities they serve. · They strive to improve working conditions by supporting health, education and scientific research initiatives. · Each company that is part of the group operates as an independent entity. · Tata has always been value driven, and their values system continues to direct the growth and business of the Tata companies. Their five core values are: Integrity, Understanding, Excellence, Unity and Responsibility. Case Questions: 1. What advantages does the Tata Group fain from being a conglomerate? 2. What are “institutional voids”? Why might they encourage the conglomerate form of organization in emerging markets? 3.Many corporate takeovers involve the acquiring firm installing their own managers and slashing the payrolls of the acquired firm. Why has Tata chosen to retain the existing management temas of the foreign companies it has taken over? 4. The Tata Group has a strong commitment to high ethical standards and corporate social responsibility. Does it gain any competitive advantages in the market place because of this commitment?


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