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Module 03 Assignment – Designing a Portfolio You have decided to utilize portfolios this upcoming school year, to document and share the growth and development of your students. In this assignment, you will need to determine whether you want to use physical portfolios or digital portfolios. Next, you will need to create five to eight template pages either using Word or PowerPoint that focus on a different area of development for each template. Instructions for Designing a Portfolio Part One Create five to eight template pages in one Word document or PowerPoint presentation. Each template page should focus on a different area of development and should be unique to the area of development it is assessing, suggestions below: Language and Literacy Spatial and Mathematical Fine Motor Gross Motor Social – Emotional Part Two Explain whether the portfolio will be in a physical or digital format and why you selected that format in one paragraph. Summarize your plan for implementing the portfolio in one paragraph. Formulate ways to improve or add to your portfolio in the future in one paragraph. Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. List any references in APA format, if applicable


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