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Poetry Response Assignment | Online Assignment


I ask that you chose five poems from Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur for your essay. 1 source from milk and honey (but 5 poems, use quotes). 1 source from either Plath or Sexton (two poems, use quotes). 1 source from Lerner, use quotes Here’s what I am looking for – a study of the structure/form. Can you examine the language in the po-ems? Can you find similes and metaphors? How do the poems look on the page? How are the stanzas divided? Does the poet use punctuation? To what effect? Think about things like capitalization, spac-ing, enjambment etc. Have a conversation about the effect of the sketches (if your chosen poems have sketches). Structurally, are these good poems? Why/Why not? Think about how the structures of the poems relate to content, and to the poems as confessions. Next, I want you to consider how these poems might be examples of confession. What is Kaur attempting to do in these poems? Is she successful? Can you situate her work in Plath’s and Sexton’s? Which poet does she more closely resemble? Or, is she completely different from both? If so, what do we do with her (their) classifications as confessional poets? Quote at least two poems by either Plath or Sexton to make your point. Can you establish a confess-ant/confessor relationship in her poems? How does the/a power dynamic function? Where do you see Truth? Where do you see courage (narrative/factual/ pronoun/ emotional)? Would Lerner call Kaur a confessional poet? i will upload my assignment page but i changed a couple things in these instructions. use these ones. https://archive.org/details/milk-and-honey-by-rupi-kaur/page/n1/mode/2up this is a free version of milk and honey online but if you have trouble accessing it for some reason, try googling milk and honey book pdf and click the first link and if you still have trouble i will buy it and send you a digital copy.


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