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Anzaldua and Okakok Assignment | Online Assignment


DB2 Anzaldua and Okakok This goes for all discussions. These instructions will not necessarily be repeated: 1. Copy and paste the question(s) you are answering at the top of your post! 2. Compose your post OUTSIDE of the discussion forum, then copy and paste it. It’s best to copy from plain text to keep complex coding out of Blackboard, because it sometimes messes up the format and page layout. Composing outside of Bb helps you keep a record of your work, and to prevent any loss of work due to Blackboard crashes or other technical problems. 3. Do not submit an attachment. 4. After 24 hours, reply to a classmate. You are required to begin your reply with your classmate’s name. Many students forget to return to the Discussion Board to reply. If you fail to reply, the highest grade you can get for a Discussion is 67! To get started, click “Create Thread” once in the Discussion Forum. You’ll see the questions again. Original posts: Each post should be about 200 words, and must address all parts of the question if it is multi-part. You must use at least one quote from the book or text in question, and you must include citations of your sources. Use MLA style citation. See “Rubrics” in Course Information for further details on how Discussions are evaluated. Replies: Your reply MUST start with your classmate’s name. Keep it simple! Begin your reply with something like “Hello, Maria Sanchez.” This helps me when I am grading. Replies should run about 150 words. The goal is to comment on your classmate’s post, and to expand and enrich the discussion, but not to critique the classmate’s post or to be a cheerleader, as in “great post, John!” You certainly should be polite and even full of praise if appropriate, but the idea is to expand the conversation by adding something, giving a new perspective, asking a stimulating question, etc. DB2: Read the essays by Gloria Anzaldua and Leona Okakok before attempting this Discussion. Answer one from Group A and one from Group B. Write 200 words for each of your responses. A 1. Discuss how the opening “scene” of Anzaldúa in the dentist’s chair connects to the overall point/message of the essay and title. 2. Discuss Anzaldúa’s use of the Spanish throughout her writing. Did it make sense? What was her purpose? B 3. What are some important differences between the Northwest Alaska Inupiat and the Western world views, according to Leona Okakok? 4. Describe the adaptations the Native school board has made to “western” education. Why were those adaptations necessary?Okakok(1)


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