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Week 4 Analysis

Using the “Sample Outline and Critical Analysis” at the end of the Chapter Three in our text as your guide, compose a 200-400 word analysis of a public building in or around your community that evidences artistic excellence. You may want to start with a website like the “National Register of Historic Places”; go to the “Database” and “Research the Collection.”
Once you have located a building that has been recognized for its architectural merit, you will want to do some research on the structure so that you have some initial ideas of what to look for when you arrive on site. 
In the off chance that you are an online student living in a more rural community, you can choose a lesser structure that stands out amidst all of its neighbors for its excellence of form and function. A very well constructed barn or an extremely well designed village structure will still work for this assignment.
After you examine the work carefully in person and take notes, take several photographs so you will be able to recall and respond to the individual details of the structure in a careful way. You will also want to include those photos with your analysis.
Should you live near a large body of water, you might find a trip to a notable lighthouse an interesting adventure, for example. Many of these are quite beautiful.
Your analysis will be evaluated according to completeness, thoughtfulness, integration of textual material, and craftsmanship. 
Please submit your assignment through the assignment link below.


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