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Individual Proposal

Individual Proposal

You’re going to take a company/brand and its product/service into a new country.

  • The company/brand is ALTAIA (https://eauditalie.com/en/altaia/thestory)
  • This brand only sells perfume so the product is perfume.
  • The target market is Guangzhou(also called Canton), China. The professor requires that if you choose a big county, then you need to locate a specific place. So the target market is Guangzhou, a province in China.

Based on the information above, then you’re going to write a 3-page proposal (Maximum 1000 words, excluding cover sheet, appendix and references).

This proposal is a business report prepared for the CEO of your chosen company.

Requirements of the individual proposal:

Clearly identify the company, brand, and product/service you wish to take into a new country. Please note that the product or service CAN NOT BE CURRENTLY AVAIALBLE IN YOUR CHOSEN COUNTRY. The company should NOT be a large company (e.g., Apple, Toyota, McDonald’s, Huawei, etc.) I’ve given the required information above and you must use ALL of them. Meanwhile I already make sure that ALTAIA is not available in China. Explain why you choose this offering to a particular foreign market. Identify and analyze the selected foreign market and the segments that are targeted. Select market entry strategy. Analyze the firm by using SWOT analysis  You may use charts and diagrams if needed.

Format of the individual proposal

The format is as follows:-       Title page-       Executive summary-       Company details, product/service selected, and industry background-       Country selected and market entry strategy-       Target market and customer analysis-       Internal analysis of the firm (Strengths and Weaknesses)-       External analysis of the firm (Opportunities and Threats)-       ConclusionAPPENDIX–       Idea about how you will undertake and approach the project.-       Library resources that you plan to use for this projectREFERENCES You must use the above points as headings in your individual proposal.  Make sure you include every point.



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