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Adidas Investment Valuation

Produce an investment recommendation report about Adidas.
Report should be supported by the Valuation analysis, recommendation can be to buy if Valuation higher than market price, or to sell if Valuation lower.

Please add and send me the Excel file holding the Valuation. 
Apply Financial modelling skills and valuation techniques, as well as use two suitable financial multiples.


Please make sure to use, Datastream, Bloomberg, Companies Website. 

for the charts you could use two if possible, you could start with a business description followed by a geographical footprint and strategies used and then industry analysis and then investment summary and key drivers and the valuation and then conclusion.

firstly doing an excel folder containing the valuation that has terminal value FCF and wacc calculation, have the share price computation and in order to do so the information are on adidas investors website where it says the revenue and tax and all and once this is completed you write about the findings you could use P/E multiples and EV/EBITDA multiples future plan of adidas performance and different countries earnings from adidas 


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