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Each paper should be typed, double-spaced in Arial or Times New Roman font (12 point), and must be 15 pages long (13 pages of text), which will include a required cover page (see below), and a required reference page which should include all references/citations. The format for the paper, as well as references, should follow the American Psychological Association (APA) Manual (5th edition), which is available in the book store and in the campus library (they have a “short-list” handout that may help you). 
The paper must have 1-inch margins on all sides (including top-bottom), with a 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman font is required). Pages must be numbered. 
On the front/cover page of the assignment, and there only, the student should note their name, date, and the course number (a title is optional). Only do this on the front page; the following pages should simply have a page number. 
This assignment involves reading 3 chapters in the textbook, Petherick’s “Profiling and Serial Crime” and then summarizing each of the three chapters that you chose. You can choose any 3 chapters you want, just make sure you review them well. And, IMPORTANTLY, you MUST NOT quote the text or other sources (including the Modules). Rather, I want you to summarize the text/info in YOUR OWN WORDS…so paraphrase. So make sure not to quote the text or any other source. A primary goal of this assignment is to explain the chapter content as if you are actually “teaching” the material to people who know nothing about criminology. Thus, you are expected to provide some depth in your explanations/summaries, and provide your own examples/insight as often as you can. 
ADVICE: Try to be specific and thorough in all of your answers, especially in terms of concepts, propositions, theorists, etc. Remember, you are writing each answer as though the reader has NO KNOWLEDGE of criminology; in other words, do not write this paper to me! Rather, write it as if you are writing it for your parents, siblings, friends, etc., who know nothing about our field. 
If you provide some extra scientific evidence/articles that counter what is covered in the text material, then you will likely get extra points (assuming that all other documentation is given in the text and reference page). Just make sure to cite the original citation for such source material. I strongly encourage such critique, but make sure to cite it, or you can lose huge points. And make sure it is peer-reviewed, not just online due to “whatever” or personal blogs and such. On the other hand, such extra documentation is not required to receive a good grade for this assignment. 
DO NOT QUOTE the text or other materials. You must paraphrase in your own words. If direct quotes are used, I will take off major points.
DON’T USE HEADINGS/SUBHEADINGS EXCESSIVELY; if you do, many points will be deducted!!!! Just use headings to identify the chapters you are summarizing; no more headings are needed because you should be noting the pages you are discussing.
Assuming the above criteria are met, papers will be assessed in four (4) areas:
A) Facts (25%): were the facts provided sufficient from the textbook and/or the scientific literature
B) Logic (25%): did the student’s argument and descriptions rationally explain the issues
C) Application (25%): did the student apply concepts related to the content of the course/texts
D) Grammar/Style (25%): did the author follow acceptable grammatical and stylistic rules (APA)
IMPORTANT: All students must do a spell check before turning in the paper. If more than two misspelled words are found that a standard spell-check would pick up, the student will fail.
ADVICE: Write these papers as if you were going to turn it in to a professional agency for advice on what future research and policies should consider.


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