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Healthy Eating

I am a staff member in a school that is conducting a health fair for students of grades K-2 and their parents. Healthy eating is the topic on health that I want to wright about it is applicable to your students’ daily life (eg. dental hygiene, proper sleeping habits, etc.), and write a paper explaining this topic. Then, prepare a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the paper. the paper should include: An introduction explaining why this topic is important and relevant for students. Eg. Why is brushing and flossing twice a day important? Research pertaining to the topic – must use at least 3 reliable sources (no Wikipedia!) and cite them in APA format. Eg. What does current research tell us about proper dental hygiene? The benefits of this topic and the dangers of the topic. Eg. What are the benefits of brushing and flossing? What are the dangers of ignoring your teeth? Suggestions for practical implementation. Eg. How can students make sure to cultivate excellent dental hygiene habits every day? Your paper should be at least 3.5 pages, double-spaced. Make sure it is well-written with no spelling or grammar mistakes. Cite your sources with in-text citations in APA style, and include a Bibliography page at the end. Include a cover page and a running head, all in APA style. You must include at least 3 reliable sources (Wikipedia or any other Wiki are not allowed). Your PowerPoint presentation should include: A minimum of 6 slides with pictures and text explaining the main points of your paper Clear, simple language so children and adults can understand the material A title slide introducing the topic The PowerPoint presentation is the multimedia component of this course, so do it well. It does not have to be a long presentation; six or seven slides are sufficient, as long as the main points of your paper are clearly explained and illustrated with text and pictures.


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