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How to advance aircraft technology without sacrificing safety and still remain competitive

This is a capstone project. The research topic is how to advance aircraft technology without sacrificing safety and still remain competitive. This is looking at the advancements in technology within the aviation community and the reason airlines are not wanting to incorporate it due to price and constant upgrades that will force smaller airlines out of business. I’ve provided my problem in the topic and my problem statement below.

As the airline industry transfers into the digital age it is faced with many hurdles and unanswered questions. Most airline were not very acceptive to the talks of changing to the digital era but to stay competitive they must stay up-to-date with the technological advances. These changes will affect every aspect of day to day operations within the company. Some worries are that the smaller airlines will not have the revenue or the manpower to keep up with the larger airlines forcing them out of business. Some have stressed concern that with the technology advancing and changing so quickly will the affect the life cycle of the aircraft, forcing companies to purchase new aircraft more often. 
The issue I will look at is what will it take for an airline company to stay up-to-date with the digital advances. How will affect the company both staying up with the technology and those who cannot or chose not to advance with the changes. 

Key to developing the problem statement is to identify a current real-world problem within the industry that will be researched. The problem should be broad enough to allow for adequate research. The input should provide a brief explanation of the problem and the purpose of the research


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