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Cultural Conflict Analysis Assignment | Get Paper Help


My social issue Topic selection: 1. Abortion 2. Same-sex marriage 3. Child marriage 1. Identify a social issue that causes conflict between two opposing cultural and religious groups who oppose or support the issues. 2. Identify the two cultural groups who oppose each other in the social conflict as follows 3. In a the paper, briefly describe one social conflict and the two groups that have opposite perspectives that cause conflict between them. This must be something for which the groups actively oppose each other’s views, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs. Note: This is not about how two cultures, races or groups are different from each other, but rather how they conflict on a given social issue. 4. Locate and briefly summarize five scholarly/authoritative (research-based, peerreviewed) articles within the past 10 years about the conflict or the groups in an annotated bibliography, formatted using APA style references.


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