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The focus of this assignment is addiction to alcohol and/or tobacco. Your assignment needs to address the biological/physiological, social, psychological, cultural and/or historical aspects of addiction as they appear in the subject material you have chosen. Focus your analysis on the BPS+ model. Task: • From the list below, select your media piece (film, book, television show or series). If you have an idea other than on the list, please email me well in advance for approval. • Provide a brief and concise summary of the film/show/series (3 marks) • Clearly define and explain the BPS+ model of addiction (15 marks) • Analyze the media piece you are using through each aspect of the BPS+ model and by drawing on all of the reading materials from the course (15 marks) • Conclude your report with a statement of your take away learning (2 marks) • Prepare a 7 page report (not including title page or references) for submission • Upload the assignment on the course site using Turnitin. • Do not spend all your effort on a mere summary of the book/film/music you are exploring. Do that briefly – no more than one page. Reserve most of the space for demonstrating your understanding of the BPS+ model through your analysis. Options for media selection: A Star is Born Leaving Las Vegas Flight 28 Days Walk the Line The Spectacular Now When a Man Loves a Woman Devdas The Glass Castle Shameless Mad Men This is Us Grey’s Anatomy Marks will be awarded for: 1) How well you research the topic using the reliable texts and resources, 2) How clearly you are able to articulate your understanding of the BPS+ model 3) How effectively you analyze and comment on the addiction issues present in your chosen media piece and 4) How clearly you organize and communicate your ideas in writing


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