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The Impact of Culture on an Individual’s Coping with Grief Assignment | Essay Help Services


Assignment #2: The Impact of Culture on an Individual’s Coping with Grief The student is expected to include the following three sections in this paper: Part 1: The student is to write a summary of their/their family’s views and practices related to grief and bereavement, using their/their family’s predominant traditional culture (culture of origin) as the basis for the paper. Cultural elements of communication, rituals, music, food, gender roles and community support are to be included. Include a discussion of the cultural care giving and burial/mourning practices. If the student is unaware of their family cultural norms, they are encouraged to interview a member of their family to access this information. For students from multicultural families, they may select one of their family cultures for the purpose of this paper. Please note that while religion may be a significant component of cultural practice/identity, students may not solely identify a religion to the exclusion of the identified culture. Part 2: Interview an adult from a different cultural background from your own. Choose someone with significant cultural disparity and who is knowledgeable about their own cultural norms on this topic. This person may not be a family member. Write a brief summary of their cultural views and practices related to grief and bereavement using the same guidelines as in Part 1. Part 3: The student is to analyze the two cultural perspectives, identifying specific practices, rituals, etc., that are helpful to the coping/healing of the specific communities. In this section the student is expected to discuss the communal needs vs. the needs of the individual. What new things were learned about their own cultural practices? What things were learned about the other culture? Each student will identify how they can use this information in their practice with grieving clients and provide example (s). References and bibliography are not required.


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