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the following prompts to answer in a comprehensive, well-written, and clearly organized. In your essay be sure to state an argument or thesis and provide supporting details that draw from the class discussions, readings, and supplementary materials provided on canvas. ONLY USE TAKAKI’s a different mirror book as a reference OR use the sources that were asked for in the question, nothing else here is the prompt: . In introducing Takaki’s history I noted that we would only read a select few chapters for discussion but that in no way meant the histories and experiences documented in the remaining chapters were any less important or worth study. Using the 2008 Revised edition of A Different Mirror (on reserve at the BCC library) select ONE chapter that was not assigned for the course to discuss, analyze and critique in depth. I am not interested in a summary or ‘book report’ of a chapter. Rather, I am interested in reading how you make use of the full set of our theoretical and analytical tools from the readings and discussions we have had in this course as you apply them to a close reading of Takaki’s text. Some options include: Make the case for the chapter you selected to be included in next semester’s course. Discuss the “master narratives” that Takaki uses in writing about immigration. How would Takaki apply a relational approach in place of comparative analysis? How can we use Takaki’s text to discuss settler colonialism? Place his work in conversation with Crenshaw. Place his work in conversation with Omi and Winant. Where are the silences in Takaki’s text?


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