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Do a annotated bibliography for the documentary Corporation by Mark Archbar Assignment | Get Paper Help


Four (4) written academic sources (e.g. journal essays, monograph chapters, etc.) that analyze the documentary THE CORPORATION • A full and properly-formatted bibliographic citation (MLA format) for each of your sources • A brief (approximately 150-word) abstract for each source that includes a brief summary of contents, a clear identification of central argument, at least one focal quotation (i.e. one that you think would be useful to a fellow analyst) with explanation of its significance, and a brief analysis of the overall validity and persuasiveness of the source’s central thesis.ENG4U1-04 (Berger) – Annotated Bibliography Rubric (Weinberger) The Corporation – Review (Bashkow) Afterword – What Kind of a Person is the Corporation_ (West) The Life and Times of the Corporation – An Interview with Jennifer Abbott Assessments and Schedule Work Integrated Learning – 20M –Work Integ Learning_ Culinary (Combined)


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