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1. Select a newspaper article that discusses a current event in your community or somewhere else in the world and briefly address the following questions: a.) How might the Sociological Imagination (C. Wright Mills) help you to understand this event in a more meaningful way? b.) Select ONE major theorist/theory (Karl Marx and Social Conflict Theory OR Emile Durkheim and Structural Functionalism OR Max Weber and Symbolic Interactionism) – and suggest how they would explain this event. We are asking you to apply the theoretical framework of your chosen theorist to your newspaper article; suggest how they would explain/interpret/analyze this event as the basis of your analysis in the short paper. *TIP*: Think of each of these separate theories as a microscope lens through which you are viewing your chosen topic (newspaper article); each theory would reveal something slightly different when applied to the same topic. First, be sure you understand your chosen theorist/theoretical perspective. Second, use your chosen theorist/theoretical perspective as your framework to analyze your newspaper article, being mindful of the specific elements of your newspaper article that your chosen theorist/theory would pick up on. SOC*1100 Short Paper Assignment Guidelines -APA or ASA CITATIONS ONLY. If you do not know how to do APA citations, you can search the library website for help, they have printouts available at the library as well, or you can print citation formatting instructions from university website. Please note the University has Writing Services available to students – an excellent resource worth checking out! -12 pt, Times New Roman font only. No headlines or large text is to be used in your assignment. -.PDF or .DOC files ONLY. Do not submit .pages files as these will not open in Courselink and cannot be marked. -Short Papers must be double spaced. -Short Papers are to be 2 pages double spaced – no more no less. -citing your newspaper article as well as the course textbook and course content from courselink is necessary. you can cite in the following way: In-Text citation: (Behnke-Cook 2019) or Behnke-Cook (2019) Reference List: Behnke-Cook, Deanna. 2019. “Introduction to Sociology DE” at the. University of Guelph. -Direct quotes are not required for short papers: we would prefer, however, that you paraphrase. You will not be penalized for not including quotes, but you will be penalized by improperly citing your work. We want to hear your interpretation of the material, by applying the sociological imagination and theorist’s perspective of your chosen newspaper article.13777207267345E627BA607C0368D8109AE0F101FC4370943597468 1377620686591F6C15125719D95B7EEC73595EBFF9D483865731477


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