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Digital Practice in Sport, Exercise and Health.

Assessment Requirements
For this module you need to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the use of digital technologies in sport, health and exercise contexts. In this assignment you will examine: 
• The outcomes associated with digital technologies in sport, exercise and/or health contexts – such as physical education or youth sport coaching
• The ethical implications presented by digital technologies 
You will be assessed on the following two criteria: 
• The ability to critically examine the outcomes associated with digital technologies in sport, exercise and health
• The ability to critically evaluate empirical research and evidence related to the ethical implications of digital technologies
This assignment should consist of 5 parts with a total word limit of 3000 words (excluding references). The student should also consider a specific context of sport, exercise and health to focus this assignment on – such as secondary physical education, or youth sport coaching. 
Part 1: Overview of existing literature (guideline 750 words)
This is an overview of the key outcomes associated with the use of digital technologies in sport, exercise and health contexts. Specific attention should be paid to, the types of outcomes (e.g. physical, social, affective, cognitive) and how these have been supported/developed/hindered by/via technology. 
Part 2: Project Overview (guideline 750 words)
In this assignment you will conduct a mini project to evaluate the outcomes of the use of digital technologies in your context. This part of the assignment should provide an overview of your mini project, including details on research design, participants, data collection methods, with specific attention focused on ethics and the ethical approach/decision making that has informed your mini project
Park 3: Key Findings (guideline 500 words)
This section should report on the key findings from your mini project, using data to illustrate your findings where possible 
Part 4: Discussion (guideline 750 words)
This section should synthesise the key findings from your mini-project in relation to the empirical literature (part 1) and the ethical approach that you adopted. 
Park 5: Conclusion (guideline 250 words)
This section should provide a concise overview of the mini-project and identify the implications of the study for research and practice. 
Make sure that you refer to the Level M marking criteria. 
Word Limit
3000 words –This is from the first word of the assessment to the last word of the conclusion and includes in-text citations, footnotes and appendices but excludes the reference list.


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