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Affordable Care Act

Since the Affordable Care Act became the law of the land, there has been much written concerning its ongoing economic impact on our nation’s economy. There have also been many sound reports that few of the benchmarks set for it have been reached. Both good and bad has been reported concerning this massive legislation. Now that we have had history with the “ACA” we have started to see its impact first hand. The heated debate regarding what to do next with it has been ongoing. Politicians are not economists, and are not always known for making sound financial choices. Some have argued that the government neglected to listen to its own economists, the Congressional Budget Office when it passed this bill into law. 

Using the economic principles which you have learned throughout the semester, I want you to write an amendment to, or a replacement for the Affordable Care Act. The changes you create will need to accomplish the original stated goals of the Affordable Care Act. 

For those of you who cannot remember what they were, here is a quick recap:

Bring down the overall cost of health care as it related to GNP
Provide health care services for the entire population
Provide a full prescription drug benefit for the elderly
Expand the entire scope of health care services

As an economist it is your choice what to do next. You may replace or repair the system at will, but will need to explain why and how. I want to stress to you that this is not an attack on the President personally, and as such please keep the political rhetoric out of your paper. Also keep faith out of it. The argument that “this will work” if we get everyone to believe in it, is both foolish and dangerous. 

Book as resource:
Hicks, Lanis L., (2014). Economics of Health and Medical Care,
Jones & Bartlett, Publishers, 6th edition


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