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Types of Errors in Hypotheses Assignment | Online Assignment

Wk 3: Discuss 2 Discussion Prompt 2: Types of Errors in Hypotheses Errors are an area of concern in research. Explain the different types of errors involving the rejection or acceptance of the null hypothesis. Support your answer with appropriate references from this week’s learning materials. Assignment Instructions Please scroll down to the input box to type your response to the discussion prompt. After keying in your response, click the SAVE button. Once you’ve posted your initial response to the question, you can join your fellow learners in the discussion forum by clicking the “Discussion” tab on the top of the “Course Outline” page. Grading Criteria Click the “Grading Criteria” button below to view the rubric, which will be used to evaluate your contributions to this activity. Grading Criteria Discuss Word count: 0 Files Drop files hereThe file size should not be more than


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