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Movie Jaws Assignment | Online Assignment


1. Read the review by Roger Ebert, one of the greatest film critics, who regards Jaws as one of the “Great Movies” https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/great-movie-jaws-1975 2. Submit a write-up to TURNITIN by 3:00 pm Friday, May 29th.This will be approximately 600 words, following MLA format (though you only need to cite the review if you use it and no not need to worry about citing the movie), with complete grammatically correct sentences and cohesive paragraphs. The paper must be your own original work instead of anything from copying other sources. Keeping in mind our viewing the film and Ebert’s review, identify THREE distinct and memorable moments in Jaws and make a claim about the thematic significance of each analyzing and defending your interpretation by drawing upon details of the film ( dialogue, perspective, lighting, sound, contrast, repetition, tone, etc.). Make sure this analysis goes beyond plot summary or description, and remember that analysis is NOT things like “the scene really pulls the reader in” or “the scene is exciting and is important for the plot” – you know better than to go that route by now. Instead, make a claim about the meaning of the scene, what it is that the director wants to say or show about something that matters. Again, this is a summary or overview of the film- if you zoom in on three small, narrow little moments or aspects and do a good job analyzing them, that is best, and certainly, far better than a general overview that mentions everything important about the film but offers no reflective analysis.


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