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A Literature Review on Colorism Assignment | Online Assignment


. A literature review on COLORISM or (skin color bias) towards dark skin women in the AFRICAN AMERICAN community. THIS ASSIGNMENT WILL BE CHECKED FOR PLAGIARISM.. My specialization is General Psychology, NOT clinical psychology. Please don’t write anything about clinical psychology, ONLY General Psychology. USE SUBTITLES on everything.. Prepare and present a literature review on the area of your topic. Evaluate trends and ethical research issues in scholarly research in this area and propose at least TWO OTHER research topics that would serve to move the scholarly dialogue further. Defend your topics to show how such research would contribute to the current literature. The literature review will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of peer-reviewed scholarly literature. PLEASE: THE REFERENCES MUST ALL BE scholarly journals WITHIN 5 YEARS OLD. ALL OF THE REFERENCES MUST HAVE doi: NUMBER. ONLY TWO BOOKS ARE ALLOWED.


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