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Operations Plan

Company X Operations Plan



Executive Summary

The abstract (in block format) begins on the line following the Abstract heading.  The abstract is a one-paragraph, self-contained summary of the most important elements of the paper.  Nothing should appear in the abstract that is not included in the body of the paper.  Word limits for abstracts are set by individual journals.  Most journals have word limits for abstracts between 150 and 250 words.  

Title of Paper

The introduction of the paper begins here.  Double-space throughout the paper, including the title page, abstract, body of the document, and references.  The body of the paper begins on a new page (page 3).  Subsections of the body of the paper do not begin on a new page.  The title of the paper (in uppercase and lowercase letters) is centered on the first line below the running head.  The introduction (which is not labeled) begins on the line following the paper title.  

Strategy Alignment

This section should include the high level strategies of the organization chosen by the student. This section should connect the high level strategies down to operational units. Tools such as dynamic capabilities, balanced scorecard, RBV or other strategy models should be used to illustrate strategies down to operations.

KPIs and Measures

This section should illustrate various key performance indicators and measures to help the organization make decisions and show success of its operations.

Supply Chain  and Value Chain

This section should include components of the organization’s supply and value chains. The supply and value chain diagrams should be used with each area being fully explained.

Structure of Operations

This section should outline the structure of Operations. A visual depiction of the organizational structure should be put here. Secondly, this section should outline the locations (From Headquarters (HQ) to retail or manufacturing sites) and layout / workspace, and service-space design. Third the major processes should be defined using flowcharts.

Quality Control

This section should discuss quality control aspects such Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and other methods for controlling and improving the quality of products and services that the company uses. Also the student should suggest alternative methods to help the organization improve quality.


This section should discuss components of the technology and how technology is integrated and used within the organization. Also the student should explain potential uses of new technology in operations.


The conclusion should summarize key points from the paper.


Students should use at least 5-10 references for this paper. Additionally, students should use a mix of academic and professional references in their research.


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