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Deviance in the Mainstream Media Assignment | Get Paper Help


double spaced, with a conventional font (e.g., Times New Roman, 12 pt) and 1-inch margins. The essay should include an introduction (what you plan to do), a body, and a conclusion that possibly leads to exciting research possibilities for the future. Please apply a minimum of 10 concepts or theories from the book to support your ideas in your paper. Choose any half-hour sitcom. Take notes while watching the show and examine its treatment of “deviant” behavior, often combined with “deviant” personality or physical characteristics. Is there a character that others treat as different or deviant? Why do others treat him/her this way? What sort of standard (e.g., definition) are you using to determine “deviance” in the show? Follow your viewing and note taking, write an essay describing the show to an ignorant reader (remember I don’t follow too many sitcoms so I will need some background) and well as the deviances you observed. It is not necessarily important to bring into your essay class materials or other readings, but it may help flesh out an essay to better understand deviance as it is portrayed in this media genre.Deviance Project 1 – Instructions Guidelines


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