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Natural Science Assignment | Online Assignment


*Topic must be picked from http://baysoundings.com/category/conservation-and-restoration/ *OUTLINE ATTATCHED. MUST GO BY OULINE ORDER 2) During the course of the next four sub-modules, you will complete a major writing assignment based on an article from Bay Soundings’ Conservation and Restoration. Your essay will be based on the topic you select from Bay Soundings Conservation and Restoration. The essay will be four (4) paragraphs and six-hundred (600) words long – do not go over the word count. Write a concise essay- straight to your point. Make sure your essay does not go over 25% match in turnitin. To check your turnitin report, you can click on the link: Viewing a TurnItIn (Originality Report) Follow the steps- You will check your match for all dropbox assignments. Research & Documentation: Citations should be in APA format. References Page included. The amount of Cited information should not exceed 25% Watch these videos to get familiar with APA In Text Citations and APA References. Formatting the Essay: This essay will use APA formatting. The entire essay should: Be double spaced, including the Reference page, Times New Roman size 12 Contain one-inch margins all the way around, which is standard for Microsoft Word. Present headers with Running head, Title, and Page Number on the the first page (usually the cover page) Present Title and Page Number in headers on the second and all subsequent pages. Feature an original title centered on the first page of the actual essay. Include an abstract and title page. Write in 3rd person narrative. (no use of I, you, your, we, our, us) Mechanics: Correct grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, word choice No passive voice – no long sentences- write to your point Essay is double-spaced and contains a title and the first line of each paragraph is indented. Cover Page, Abstract, APA format, References page, Running header Use academic, formal prose containing no slang, contractions, jargon, or gender-biased language. The essay follow the guidelines of the assignment use commas and semicolons correctly: Use of Commas Use short quotes or paraphrase by providing short sentencesNS Outline


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