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Stereotype Threat, Identity, and Stereotype Assignment | Get Paper Help


Source Requirements for your Final Research Paper You must cite a total of at least eight reliable sources paying attention to the following categories: Your sources should include at least five library sources. This means books or articles—either print or electronic—that you located by searching the library databases. You may use databases at any local library, although if the source is not available through the college library, you must print it out to show me. At least three of your library sources must be scholarly articles or scholarly books. SOURCE RESTRICTIONS: (1) You may not cite any general encyclopedia (including Wikipedia), although you are, of course, free to consult them to give you an idea of what you might want to research. (2) No more than one assigned English 102 text will count toward the required eight sources. That is, all references to Steele’s text will be considered related to one source. (3) No more than one newspaper source will count toward the required eight sources unless you get special permission from me. NOTE: You are welcome/encouraged to cite more than one newspaper article as long as you meet the minimum requirements for other sources! (4) You must show me print sources that are not available online.Step 1 Topic Outline Stereotype threat Draft Risk Analysis – Assignment guidelines


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