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Literary Analysis Essay Assignment | College Homework Help


Literary Analysis Essay – Choice Novel & Poems Context Everything’s an argument! A literary analysis essay is where one argues or proves a claim on a piece of literature. Authors of literature write to express their views and/or criticisms of society. Art imitates life; life imitates art. What are the similar topics addressed in literature? What changes in society do authors of literature want to see? Choose a novel from the AP reading list and find one theme, motif, ideology, or big idea you want to examine and analyze. Essay Prompt The goal of this essay is to examine and analyze ONE common theme, motif, ideology, or big idea between your choice novel and a minimum of two poems discussed in class. Compare and contrast, deconstruct, or track the evolution of your ONE common theme, motif, ideology, or big idea (not literary devices). Choice Novel (Link to AP Reading List) Rubric (Link to Rubric) Requirements This analysis essay will also be an essay of 4-5 pages (minimum of 1700 words); this analysis essay utilizes college-level writing skills and perfects them in order to complete an extensive analysis essay. Your essay must be a minimum of 4-5 pages in length, there is no minimum requirement for quotes, however, you must have enough textual evidence to prove your claim and follow MLA formatting requirements. Your paper must take a clear stance on the position of your choosing and support that position with valid textual evidence. Each paragraph should include multiple pieces of evidence from the texts and no single text should be cited more than twice in a paragraph. Each textual evidence may/should be used in multiple paragraphs. All textual evidence must be cited and citing strategies should include both signal phrase format and parenthetical format. As always, don’t forget the conventions of essay writing: use CTRL F to look for the words “you,” “your,” and “this.” You need to be specific and maintain an academic voice. Do not use “I” or “you” in this essay. Also, elevate your academic voice by finding synonyms for “says” and “states.” You will be submitting a rough draft (3/18) and a final draft (3/20) separately to show your ability to use the writing process. THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH PAPER! THIS IS AN ANALYSIS ESSAY!Requirementsdoc(1)


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