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Canadian Economic Policy In-depth Analysis Assignment | Custom Assignment Help


You chose a policy research and analysis topic that is relevant to Canada. The chosen topic is “Taxation, government spending, growth.” Suggested policy: “Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB).” You have to find a dataset and conduct an analysis on the topic. You have to implement a model, do robustness checks, etc. Please see below grading criteria. You are required to produce a term paper in no less than 2,500 words on the topic chosen, presenting your analysis and results of the research in approximately 5-10 pages, 1.15 spaced. Understanding and Knowledge of the Subject – Research Question is Clear – Clear Hypothesis – Literature Review – Contribution to the Literature Clarity of the Explanation – Presentation – Language Depth and Methods of the Analysis – Description of Method – Implementation of Model (Variable Sources, Data, Transformations, …) – Robustness Analysis Structure and Reasoning Results – Interpretation of Regression Output or Other Data – Conclusion – Possible Extensions – Limitations


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