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Tanker Sector Annual Review and Outlook Assignment | Get Paper Help

Your task is to compile a comprehensive “annual review & outlook” report for the tanker sector based on efficient market theory. In the theoretical framework you need to discuss supply and demand Market Drivers. You are expected to identify the main factors that affected this sector in the last year. Your analysis should be based on relevant data from reputable sources. Your discussion is expected to include, but not limited to: • A comparison between theoretical framework and the realities of the field • Whether 2019 has been a good year for tanker ship owners • Recommendations for tanker owners • I you provide a short comment on 1st and 2nd quarter of 2020 considering the impact of coronavirus and USA sanctions on this shipping sector would a plus. Your report should demonstrate academic qualities including, but not limited to: • Page numbers, numbered sections, Table of Contents, List of Figures/List of Tables • Justified, readable text using a conventional font (e.g. size 11 Calibri or size 12 Times New Roman) with 1.5 line spacing • Referencing according to university guidelines (meaning both in-text citations and full bibliography list), including for figures and tablesEMA708 AE2


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