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Homelessness Legislation in Rhode Island Asignment | Custom Assignment Help


My position is PRO legislation ( Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights) Your Position. In this section, you will lay out your organization’s position on the specific legislation being considered. It should be evident from youranalysis that you have reviewed a full copy of the legislation and have researched the related issues and debate. Specifically, you should address the following points: a. Is your organization for or against the legislation? Why? Your answer should analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the legislation in terms of potential effectiveness, cost, public acceptance, and political feasibility. In other words, how might economic, social, or political factors (including other legislation) help or hinder the policy’s implementation and effectiveness? What specific concerns does your organization have? b. How might cultural, socioeconomic, and other diversity issues impact the quality and equity of services provided under the selected legislation? What concerns does your organization have? Provide examples to support your position. c. What legal or ethical matters related to the legislation is your organization concerned about, if any? Explain your answer and provide examples,if appropriate. d. Based on your analysis, how could the legislation in question be redesigned to better address the needs of intended beneficiaries? Be sure to address the following points and provide evidence to support your recommendations. i. How could the legislation better address diversity in meeting the needs of intended beneficiaries? ii. How could it better address legal or ethical concerns in meeting beneficiaries’ needs? If there are no concerns specific to this legislation, make suggestions for how the legislation might help prevent legal or ethical concerns in future policies. Support your suggestions with evidence. iii. What other changes to the legislation would make it more effective in serving intended beneficiaries? Consider the cost, public acceptance, and political feasibility issues you identified above in making your suggestions. e. Be sure to use language and communication strategies appropriate for political or organizational leaders in explaining your organization’s position and recommendations. Remember the goal is to convince your audience that your analysis is credible without burdening them with undue detail. Guidelines for Submission: Milestone Two must be two to three pages in length references must be written in APA format. Usedouble spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and at least three references cited in APA format.


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