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Systems (Structure and Processes) for my Job Assignment | Get Paper Help

Description I am a working professional and not a student. I need someone who has the expertise to create business systems for me using my job description below (business systems are a set of processes, tools, and strategies that all work together for streamlining purpose to solve a problems and improve business). I would like this to be done using my job description below: Please note that I handle two roles at my job. I coordinate the administration of the office which entails me coordinating corporate procurement (I really want a system for corporate procurement from beginning which is the acquisition request stage to final stage), facility management, medical, IT, SECURITY, FINANCE, recruitment and evaluation of short-term-staff, training. I coordinate the admin meetings as well as events meeting and events management. Essentially there are staff handling these specific roles, but I am the overall coordinator. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of misunderstanding and insubordination as a result of lack of clarity of roles and lack of standard processes and systems, which is why I want to take ownership and create systems and processes, so that everyone is clear on what is expected of them and not compete unhealthily. And my second role is “Government Relations Coordinator” which entails a lot of interface with clients which for us is mainly the Government especially the Ministry of Finance. Also my role is to support the operations and project unit and task managers especially in the areas of dialogue with the government on development project, loan negotiations. I also manage strategic partnerships and stakeholder engagement. I coordinate a lot of meeting between my organization and the government. I am involved in business identification, origination and development. Below is my job description which I would like you to use in creating the systems and processes to help me job. I Job Description Principal Administration & Government Relations Coordinator, RDNG • The Office Administration and Government Relations Coordinator reports to the Senior Director of the Nigeria Office. • The Incumbent will fulfil a critical role as coordinator for all administrative and other stakeholder relations and work programmes that provide quality support to the Senior Director in directing and managing the country office effectively, business development and donor coordination in support of the Bank’s activities in the Country. This is focussed on ensuring that the RDNG operations mandate are executed smoothly, seamlessly, cost effective and efficiently. The Position • This is a dynamic position that provides direct support to the Senior Director for the oversight of all Bank’s operations in Nigeria, with a focus on making sure that the RDNG operations are executed smoothly, seamlessly, cost effectively and efficiently. • The incumbent is required to be an experienced administrator with access to a large network of Government and other key stakeholders. • The job seeks to promote process improvement and quality of results that assure timely delivery within the RDNG. The job is responsible for organizing all of the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of the RDNG office. These include making sure that all office equipment is maintained, relevant records are kept up to date and that all administration processes work effectively and comply with all audit standards. It also responsible for coordinating special, high visibility events of the Bank in Nigeria. • In addition, the job is responsible for the control and facilitation of all activities that are related to Government offices and principal functionaries. • It supervises and assures that work is executed in a timely manner, and provide the business with specific detailed reports that highlights opportunities, current performance of the office while noting obstacles that may arise and undertaking the management of their resolution. • It also involves liaison with all tiers of top government functionaries which include but are not limited to Executives and members of the States Assemblies. Duties and Responsibilities Under the general supervision of the RDNG Senior Director, the Office Administration and Government Relations Coordinator has the following main responsibilities: Within delegated authority, the Office Administration and Government Relations Coordinator is responsible for the following duties: • Assist and support the Senior Director to plan, organize, manage and oversee activities pertaining to all staff, budgeting, financials, logistical support and general administration, as applicable; • Ensure development, preparation, coordination and monitoring of work plans, strategies and programmes for the administrative activities of the RDNG; • Coordinate and administer the process of securing the required human, financial and logistical resources to support the achievement of work programmes; • Plan and forecast the personnel, financial and logistical requirements of RDNG and prepare reports on all administrative, logistical and financial matters; • Provide support to the Senior Director in the exercise of oversight functions with respect to the Administrative, Finance, Control and Budgetary matters; • Organize and coordinate the office layout and its condition in addition to arranging repairs and maintenance as may be required while maintaining adequate supplies of stationery and equipment; • Draft guidelines, reports and correspondence on a wide range of operational issues for the Senior Director as required while ensuring that all relevant Bank rules, policies and regulations are fully complied with; • Draft responses to correspondence received by the Senior Director as may be required on administrative/policy documents; • Take the lead in the development and implementation of special projects, that include but are not limited to detailed security/evacuation plans and welfare activities • Liaise as delegated, with Federal, State and Local authorities, Bank stakeholders, and development partners on behalf of the Director; • Review, as applicable, all audit observations submitted and draft appropriate responses in consultation with the Director; • Take ownership of all Audit findings and initiate corrective actions, interventions and of ongoing progress reports connected therewith; • Coordinate, facilitate and administer the recruitment of new staff, including training and detailed induction; • Represent the RDNG in meetings and events as requested by the Senior Director; • Take responsibility for and control of all key Government Relations Activities and Assignments in engagements with all relevant Government offices; • Undertake continuous professional relationship building to enhance cooperation between the Bank and the Government thereby ensuring that a high standard of service levels are maintained to enhance the brand of the bank as well as obtaining accurate and valuable information in support of the Bank’s mandate & Strategic focus in the country; • Champion the Complex / Regional mandate and purpose by providing direct and indirect operational support that contribute to the Country’s output and mandate in the assigned Country. Selection Criteria Including Desirable Skills, Knowledge and Experience: • Hold at least a Master’s degree or its equivalent in Business or Public Administration. • Have a minimum of six (6) years of relevant experience in operations management. • High-level skills in communication and negotiation as well as ability to build partnerships with a broad range of clients and deliver results that meet the needs and long-term interests of clients within and outside the Office. • Ability to handle stress due to multiple and simultaneous and shifting demands, priorities and deadlines; and to manage a heavy workload. • Having private sector experience will be an added advantage. • Leadership. • Client orientation. • Team building and relations. • Stakeholder management. • People Management. • Highly quality orientated. • Reliability. • Adaptability. • Good interpersonal skills. • Organizational skills. • Good knowledge of the Institution. • Professional communication skills. • Problem solving. • Capacity for translating conceptual and strategic analysis into realistic, factual and deliverable programmes and plans. • Capacity to diagnose and resolve multiple, concurrent problems; and a conceptual and strategic analytical capacity to understand competing requirements of operations and their contribution to results and ultimately impact. • Demonstrated ability to advise the RDNG Senior Director in planning, programming and executing within strategic directions and with attention to the resource constraints. • Ability to deploy exceptional Leadership Skills with proven results from past experience. • Clear understanding of the drivers and barriers to success in complex regulatory, political and cultural environments. • Ability to develop networks to facilitate transactions with external parties. • Strong business administrative skills. • Capacity to motivate a team of colleagues and create, where necessary a bestin-class performing team to deliver impactful development. • Possession of highly developed strategic thinking skills allied to an ability to translate strategic concepts and direction into the implementation of workable and sustainable policies and regulations; • Ability to forge and manage strategic partnerships with local organizations, • governments and financing institutions. • People Management Skills that will ensure staff remain truly engaged, operational directions is given, performance management and feedback and employee’s been given development opportunities within the operations. • Ability to communicate effectively (written and oral) in English or French preferably with a good working knowledge of the other language. • Competence in the use of standard MS office applications (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint).My Job Description(3)



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