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Equality and Equity in Schools

In today’s schools, the need to improve student achievement is always at the forefront of discussions among educational leaders. They are always searching to find ways to provide adequate education to students in public schools. However, poorer school districts are at a disadvantage because of the lower revenues received from its tax base, in comparison to, wealthier school districts with higher revenue streams from its tax base. 

Research the literature and identify articles relating to equality and equity in schools or adequate education for K-12 schools. Compare various definitions found in the literature of equality and equity in school finance programs or formulas. Include concepts of vertical and horizontal equity in your discussion.

Your article critique will be submitted here in CANVAS or by attaching the file to the document. Note that ALL files need to be in either MS Word or Rich Text Format (.doc or .rtf). Files that are not submitted in the appropriate format will not be graded.

Journal article reviews should be at least one – two pages single spaced in 12 point type. You can use articles from any professional educational journal on any of the Topics to be covered in this course.


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