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Public Health Program Planning & Evaluation: Community Partners, Resources and Budget Assignment | Online Assignment


My program topic is Childhood Obesity Prevention in the city of Miami, Florida. Please see attached documents for the program Introduction, Goals, Process, Impact, Mission, and Objectives, and multi-strategy intervention. 1. Based on the program you selected to do, list a minimum of 5 different community agencies that would be invited to participate in the planning process and the rationale for including them. 2. Based on the program you selected to develop, identify and describe the resources you feel you will need to successfully carry out the program. Answer the following questions: –What personnel will be needed to carry out the program? List the individual job titles and the duties to be carried out. –Identify any existing curriculum or educational materials that you would utilize in your program and the rationale for selecting them. –Identify space allocation, equipment, supplies, etc. you need to make your program successful. How will they be obtained? How much will they cost? –Identify possible funding sources for paying for your program and the rationale for selecting them. 3. Based on the program you have selected to develop, start thinking about a budget for your program. Submit a budget and a budget justification. (Total Length: Minimum of 3 pages with a minimum of 3 references in proper APA formatObesity Prevention Program Intro Windshield survey Assignment 3(5) Assignment 4 Interventions


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