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Assignment 3 due. Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA) (1-2 pages) Based, on your observations, student records, parent interview, and data derived from five formal behavioral assessments (see below), you will write a FBA that defines the behavior that is of concern in clear, observable terms. The problem you identify should be one that can be addressed or alleviated by behavioral intervention within the school setting, with or without support provided by other professionals. At a minimum, the following behavioral assessments are to be used to develop your FBA:  Motivation Assessment Scale  Functional Behavior Assessment Interview (two colleagues, including one specialist)  PTR Functional Behavior Assessment Checklist  Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence Charting In addition to the above, you are required to use one additional assessment instrument of your choice (e.g., a language assessment, environmental rating scale). Your FBA should include the following: (a) a paragraph summarizing the child’s family background (as learned from Assignments 1 and 2), any identified exceptionalities and/or medical concerns, school behavioral and attendance records, and academic progress; (b) one or two paragraphs briefly summarizing the key results of four of the formal assessments conducted (excluding the FBA interviews); (c) one paragraph summarizing what you learned from insights provided in the two FBA interviews; (d) one paragraph identifying the behavior targeted for remediation stated in measurable and observable terms; (e) at least one paragraph providing a rationale for your identification of the behavior as that is supported by your data and observations; (f) one or two paragraphs describing the context for the problem behavior, e.g. age of onset, coexisting conditions, range of manifestations (g) a one paragraph description of what seems to trigger the behavior and the range of ways in which it is manifested (supported by your observations and data); (h) A summary of the frequency of occurrence, including day, time and place when the behavior is most likely to occur (supported by your observations and data). A copy of the completed forms, notes and/or data from your five behavioral assessments should be submitted with the FBA.


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