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Environment: Air Quality and Global Warming Assignment | Essay Help Services


Assignment description: In this assignment we will be analyzing a genre to understand how it creates a meaningful, effective message through style, design, and medium. To do that, you’ll be locating four examples of a given genre. Of these examples, three should be examples that talk about the same subject or are part of the same conversation. For instance, you might take three blog posts on accessibility issues in public life. In addition to your three examples that are part of the same conversation, you will be collecting a fourth example that takes part in a separate conversation. By having one example that is discussing something entirely different, you’ll be able to see the ways the genre changes to meet the needs of different subjects while remaining the general type of genre it can be identified as. For instance, if you have three blog posts on accessibility, your fourth could be a piece discussing the fandom of a popular television show. Each of these four examples are examples of the blog post as a public text, but they address different conversations in slightly different ways. Once you’ve found these four example genres, you will analyze the four of them in an analytical paper. Your paper will introduce the genre, analyze your examples, and then provide suggestions to authors who might be looking to write in that genre. Questions to consider: Style—How would you characterize the tone of this genre? Are there any deviations in your examples, why? What appeals are used? Design—How is the text designed? How does the structure and elements of the text impact how it works and how it reads? Medium—Where is the genre located? How does the medium impact the look and feel of the text? What about the medium makes this genre different. Use—How is this genre used? Why is it used? Who uses it? Assignment Guidelines The assignment should be considered one final piece. There will be three internal components: you should introduce the genre in general, introduce and explain how particular examples of the genre work, and finally you should critique the genre, explaining how it used and where it works best. General Outline: Introduction Introduce the Paper and Purpose Introduce the Paper’s Structure Genre Definition Explain what the genre is Explain how the genre uses style, medium, and design Introduce the four examples you have of the genre Genre Examples Examine the genre examples you’ve chosen, explaining how they all reflect their shared genre’s conventions Explain how the genre examples differ from each other and how these differences impact their style, design, and medium. Genre Critique Explain what the genre is used for Explain who uses the genre Provide guidelines for when the genre should be used and when it should be avoided by authors


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