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This is a single essay mid-term (1500-2000 words). Please ensure that you not only state but explain your viewpoint. The Ontario government announced in its 2007 budget that it would increase the minimum wage incrementally, the last hike to occur in March 2010. In March 2009, Premier McGuinty met with business leaders in a private, behind closed doors meeting. News of this leaked out revealing that he stated that he might cancel the remaining increases given economic conditions. Pressed by reporters to explain his apparent flip flop, and shamed by the lack of transparency, he reversed himself again saying this: “When we talk about the minimum wage, we have to ask ourselves what it is that we owe both our workers and employers. I think clearly we owe them fairness. Our commitment was to get the $10.25 an hour one year from now and we will honour that commitment.” Discuss the procedural fairness issues arising in this scenario including both the legal definition and the political implications for democratic governance. Relax, think creatively and take this opportunity to ponder concepts which are critical not just in administrative law, that is, in relation to governmental decision making, but also in the context of the broader political, social and economic landscape. General Instructions This mid-term essay has been designed to provide you with an opportunity to critically reflect upon the course content and apply it to a real world example. The assignment is intended to also encourage learners to develop research skills that are necessary in this field. To maximize opportunities for learning, please review the content covered in the first weeks of the course and consider additional resources –> (e.g., legislation, case law, scholarly books,websites, or journal articles).


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