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Detailed Mind Map Exercise Assignment | Online Assignment


Assignment 3: Detailed Mind Map Exercise Each student must submit a Mind Map of his/her paper. A Mind Map is similar to the “webs” that you might have created in elementary or middle school when planning or outlining a paper. Rather than creating the web by hand, you will do so using Mind Mapping Software. You are free to choose any Mind Mapping Software that you like as long as your file can be shared as a JPEG, PDF, RTF, or DOC file. You may include clip art, photos, and hyperlinks. The Mind Map should include your research topic/question and a minimum of 5 branches that correspond to the 5 required sections of your paper: introduction, review of previous research, policy effectiveness, recommendations, and conclusion. Each of the primary branches will have, at minimum, three smaller (secondary) branches that reflect the main points that you plan to discuss. The purpose of this assignment is to assist you in organizing your thoughts and research on your topic. This will help you to discover your ideas and thoughts about a topic and to prepare you to write a formal paper on the subject. The grade for this assignment will be based on completion. As long as you follow the directions and complete it, then, credit will be awarded. This assignment builds upon the two previous assignments.


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