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For this assignment, students will drive through an assigned neighborhood and do a windshield survey. (Note that you do not need to get out of your car), and then assess this area from a population/community health perspective. Each student will use the neighborhood assessment tool to guide the windshield survey and use it as the basis for this final paper. Using the neighborhood assessment tool as a guide, students will write a detailed summary of the area explored and identify ONE issue that is the primary population/public health concern in the area (Feel free to center this on a COVID-19 issue). The issue identified must be substantiated by the evidence gathered during the assessment and correlate with the Health People 2020 goals. The student will also utilize the literature to develop an intervention to address the identified issue. References must be current within 5-7 years. Grading criteria:  Provide a detailed summary of the geographical area explored, including roads and borders. Bring in both data gathered during your windshield survey using the neighborhood assessment tool, as well as statistical data available for the assigned zipcode (e.g. income, housing, ethnicity, crime, grocery stores, etc- See Canvas for helpful websites). (25 pts)  Analyze data gathered during your windshield survey, as well as that publically available, and identify and describe ONE issue that is a population/public health concern in the area (20 pts)  Describe the relationship of your issue to Healthy People 2020 (10 pts)  Discuss a specific intervention in detail that you could develop to address the issue you identified. Use references to support the proposed intervention. Be clear what the intervention would “look like” in the community and who it would serve. Some things you may consider (as appropriate) include location, meeting places, involvement of community groups, advertisements, budget, support/permissions, etc (20 pts)  Describe and analyze the nurse’s role in the proposed intervention. (10 pts)  Identify potential barriers to implementing the proposed intervention. (5 pts)  APA format and Scholarly writing (10 pts) My zip code is 13203, Syracuse, New York Neighborhood Assessment Tool Directions: 1. Students will complete the actual survey, by touring (by car) the zip code assigned. You do not need to leave your car unless desired. 2. Each student is to complete the survey document and submit it for a grade. 3. The completed tools will serve as the basis for the presentation and paper. 4. Additional resources may be included as appropriate. Please comment on each of the following regarding your assigned survey area: 1. People: • What did you notice about the residents of the area? • Did you observe any activity? • What age groups are represented? • Are there any particular ethnic groups represented? • What is the socioeconomic status of the residents? 2. Area: Comment on the following • Land use • Housing conditions • Commercial space: stores, services, shops • Road conditions/walkways/natural boundaries • Open space/common areas 3. Environment: • Pollution • Hazards • Pets • Water conditions • Presence of agriculture • Transportation 4. Social system • Schools • Libraries • Museums • Clubs • Night life • Churches/Synagogues • Recreation facilities/Community centers • Health Care facilities/offices • Political influences • Media presence References Clemen-Stone, S. McGuire, S.L. & Eigsti, D. G. (2002). Comprehensive community health nursing: Family, aggregate, & community practice, 6th ed. St. Louis: Mosby. Stanhope, M. and Lancaster, J. (2004). Community & public health nursing, (6th ed). St.Louis: Mosby, 357.


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