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Take a Debatable Position about Environmentalism in Africa Assignment Get Paper Help

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the file attached has the general topic I have chosen and 8 sources I have chosen. Requirements: A Research Project is a piece of academic scholarship that requires a critical level of innovative inquiry. You must take a debatable position in relation to your topic. Come up with that position by asking an important open-ended question about the topic (remember, your question may emerge and become more focused as you perform your research). For example, based on all of the articles we read about Democracy in South Africa, we might ask this question: Given these problems, what could citizens do to address them and restore Mandela’s vision? Obviously, this question evokes different answers, and, thus, is open to debate. A less productive question would be: How did South Africa make the transition into genuine democracy? This question tends to reduce your response to a simple “report” or “history” of facts. While you might be able to stir up debate with your answer, you would more likely succumb to mere reporting. Therefore, your most important priority is to pose a provocative and focused question: your position on this question must be arguable, researchable, and appropriate for a 2000 word analysis.  Your topic must relate to Africa and African life.  Use the ideas in your sources judiciously and meaningfully to either support or provide context for your own ideas or so you can refute them.  Keep the mortal sin of PLAGIARISM in mind as you work—cite appropriately!  Put your Project into MLA formatting, and use Super MLA when appropriate.  Remember: a summary of the existing body of knowledge on a topic—does not constitute a successful Research Project! Sources: (these are negotiable so talk to me if you encounter problems!) As mentioned above, you must incorporate at least eight sources into your analysis to pass. You must quote directly from at least five these sources using Super MLA formatting (you may quote more often if you wish). Include a Works Cited section in MLA format at the end (you will not need to annotate this version of your WC).  You must use at least two articles from academic, scholarly journals (print or electronic). Find a topic and ask a question that inspires scholarly discussion.  Use one reference source (not Wikipedia!).  Find one recently published, relevant book (hopefully within the last 5 years).  You must use four periodical publications—substantial articles from reputable sources, such as National Geographic, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Smithsonian, Scientific American, etc.  Supplementary sources might include videos, documentaries, TED talks, etc.


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