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Sustainable Project Management Assignment | Get Paper Help

have 4 questions to answer: 2. Risk analysis / Risk a) Describe with the help of text and image an optional risk management tool. In order to do this in a good way, you need to use a project’s example. b) Why do you do a risk analysis / risk management? Are there any disadvantages? c) Reflect on the risks that are difficult to find at an early stage of the project? Is there differences between different project types how difficult is it to analyze possible risks? 3. Group development (10 p) a. Describe two optional models / theories for group development. b. What are the similarities and what are the differences between these two models / theories? c. Do you think these theories describe reality? Use your own examples to sell in your opinion. 5. Interest management and communication (10 p) a. Describe the Mendelow matrix, which is a tool that can be used when you need to plan for how to manage the project stakeholders. b. Describe how you would plan to communicate with your stakeholders, let the layout of this communication plan follows what you have come up with of the Mendelow matrix. c. Reflect on why your stakeholders are important and in the way they can in the long term contribute to your project. 6. Sub-projects, Projects, Programs and Portfolio (10 p) b. Describe the differences and similarities between these concepts c. Use a fictional company as an example and give examples of how these concepts would work can be used at this company. What could be contained in these concepts and how could the company handle them well in your opinion


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