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Address the following questions in APA format using 2 references (with 1 reference being the book attached): What is the purpose of HIS and technology governance? List and describe the key groups responsible for HIS and technology governance in healthcare organizations and who comprises their ranks? Why is security information event management an important technology for managing the security of EHRs and other HIS applications? How can ID badges and virtual desktop infrastructure technology improve the delivery of care? How valuable are certifications in the HIS field, and what are some additional avenues that HIS professionals can utilize to advance their careers. Please review Chapters 3 (HIS Strategic Planning), 4 (HIS Application Systems and Technology) and 5 (Managing HIS and Technology Services) from PDF book attached. Please watch videos from links provided below: https://youtu.be/bE6D7KFXjck https://youtu.be/0MfJ3VmoqvE https://youtu.be/g8XZ4hRRT40


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