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Use the following guiding questions to help you develop the remainder of the Argument section and the Counterargument section of your critical essay. First, answer each of the questions below to draft your ideas. Then, complete the Outline for Writing section, using your answers to the questions to help you draft a paragraph response for each of the sections below. This set of questions is designed to help you draft ideas for the remaining parts of the Presented Argument section for your critical essay. Looking at the article that you have chosen, explain how the argument contains or avoids bias. Does the argument contain or avoid bias? How? Provide specific examples to support your explanation. Discuss the credibility of the overall argument and answer the following: Were the resources upon which the argument is built credible? Why or why not? Does the credibility support or undermine the article’s claims in any important ways? How? Outline for Writing The argument that I have selected contains/avoids bias. It does this by (provide examples). I have assessed the credibility of the argument to be credible/not credible because the resources in the article were credible/not credible in that they . The credibility of this article supports/undermines the argument’s claims by . Before answering the questions below and drafting the Counterargument section of your critical essay, read the articles listed under “Additional Resources” and “Scholarly Resources” columns for your article found on the Final Project Topics and Resources Page in Blackboard. Then, use these additional resources to craft your own counterargument to the argument initially presented in your chosen article. Construct an alternative argument to that of your selected article. After reading the Additional and Scholarly resources associated with your primary article, construct an alternative argument to the claim being made in your primary article. What are the premises and conclusion of your argument? What evidence or additional research supports the claim you are making in your argument? Explain the logic and reasoning you are planning to use to advance your argument. What assumptions and resources can you use to advance your argument? Identify any weaknesses in your argument that would require additional research or support. Explain how your previously identified personal experience with the topic may create emotional influences, values or bias. My claim of my alternative argument is . My premises, , lead to the conclusion that . I make this claim because of (describe your evidence and resources). This argument considers assumptions. Some weaknesses in this argument are and require additional research pertaining to . The personal experiences that I have identified previously with regard to this topic may create as a form of emotional influence/values/bias in this argument.


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