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The Archaeology of Iowa City: Excavating Kinnick Stadium Assignment | Online Assignment

The Archaeology of Iowa City Topic: You are an archaeologist excavating Iowa City in the distant future. Your open area of excavation is Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, Iowa The first two pages will be your Methods section. Here you need to outline the archaeological theories, techniques and approaches you will utilize during fieldwork. The following two pages will be an Analysis. In this section, you will discuss and interpret your findings. Please consider the following key points in your methods :1) Type of excavation and/or survey (e.g. vertical, horizontal, ground penetrating radar, etc) 2) Basic archaeological theory (e.g. processual, post-processual) 3) Dating methods (e.g. radiocarbon, relative, etc) 4) Any additional tests (e.g. flotation, screening, etc) Please consider the following key questions in your analysis: 1) How long was the occupation of the site? 2) What types of activities were taking place? What archaeological evidence supports this? 3) What artifacts, ecofacts, and features did you recover? 4) Does anything in the space appear to be ritualized? 5) What does the landscape tell you about how this space was being used? Sources: A minimum of 2 outside academic sources (e.g. journal articles, books, etc). All sources must be cited in-text and in your bibliography. You may use your textbook in addition to these two resources, but it must be properly cited. Format: The assignment should include the following: 1. A minimum of 4-5 double-spaced pages of text in 12 point font, with 1-inch margins and page numbers in the bottom right corner. 2. A relevant title, an introduction, and a conclusion. 3. An additional bibliography page (not counted in 4-5 page expectation) with a listing of cited references in Chicago Style. 4. In-text citations with author and date. Submission The writing assignment is due Sunday, April 12th by 11:59pm on ICON, and will count for 10% of your grade (50 points). Late papers will only be accepted for one week following the due date with a 10% penalty.


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